3 Reasons to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

There are generally three approaches to revitalizing your Chicago kitchen cabinets, replacing, refacing, or refinishing. 

Replacing cabinets means that the entire kitchen will be stripped, and brand new cabinets will be installed. This is a dramatic approach but gives you the freedom to provide you with a completely new and fresh design, as well as a new layout for your kitchen. 

Refinishing your cabinets means changing the color or texture appearance of your cabinets. So if your cupboards have dents, deep scratches, or surface imperfections, refinishing it’s not the way to go.

MarPro Cabinets Refacing in Chicago means that you will get new cabinet doors and drawer fronts while using the basic cupboard and drawer structure. Refacing your cabinets will get rid of stains, smudges, dents, and cracks and give your kitchen a whole new spruced up, clean look.

They are a myriad of wood textures, stains, and colors to choose from on the market. Refacing versus refinishing avoids problems such as the old paint color showing through the new paint, especially if you decide to go to a lighter color. 

If you like the look and feel of wood cabinets, using a wood veneer for your refacing will avoid the high cost of natural wood cabinets and look just as good.

When cabinets are refaced, they are covered with a veneer that protects the surface from stains, cracks, and wear and tear. 

If you like your basic kitchen layout, then refacing is economical and doesn’t take a long time to do. Most of the components can be made off-site and brought in to be installed when ready.

MarPro Cabinets Refacing Chicago can help you choose the perfect solution for beautiful new kitchen cabinets.

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