Main Differences Between Cabinet Refinishing & Cabinet Refacing Chicago, IL

If you want a more cost-effective solution other than replacement, choose refacing, resurfacing, or cabinet refinishing Chicago, especially if you are still happy with your kitchen’s existing layout. Replacing can be very costly, and having an older home means having higher quality cabinets with higher quality wood. You wouldn’t want to replace them with lower-quality ones, do you?

What Is Cabinets Refacing Chicago?

Kitchen cabinet refacing and resurfacing almost have a similar meaning. The two terms basically mean replacing all the surfaces or parts of the cabinets that are visible when in a non-used state or while they are closed. During a cabinet refacing, hardware, doors, and drawer fronts, usually drawer boxes, too, will be replaced. Typically, end panels, face frames, and toe kicks will be resurfaced using thin wood veneers or a combination of laminates.

If you prefer the traditional wood look, refacing is the best way to do so. Painting wood with a dark wood stain to a lighter one is extremely difficult, especially if you want to achieve the previous look of your cabinet. But, if you want the final result to be painted, kitchen cabinets refinishing Chicago might be possible.

Cabinet Refinishing Chicago. What Is The Difference?

To summarize, cabinet refacing Chicago means placing new material over existing cabinet frames and replacing drawer fronts and doors. Cabinet refinishing, on the other hand, involves changing the color or finish of the existing materials.

When your cabinets are still good, refinishing is the most affordable way to update your kitchen. To have this option, your cabinets should have no cracks, nicks, chips, cuts, dents, gouges, etc.

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