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About Marpro Cabinets Refacing & Kitchen Cabinets Painting in Niles & Local Areas

Retrofits can take a number of forms to give your home its best look. You don’t constantly need to tear everything out and start over. That’s why Marpro Cabinets Refacing is here to serve you. We enable an interior renovation solution that is both quick and easy on your pocket and looks amazing with cabinet refacing.


Our experts can transform the way your home looks with cabinet refinishing that will impress you with precision and attention to detail. From the most basic of cabinets painting to a total top-of-the-line cabinet refacing, Marpro Cabinet Refacing in Niles brings expert skills to the table that will show you great results.


Tired of your old kitchen? Need a new look to brighten the place up but you’re on a tight budget? Marpro Cabinet Refacing in Niles is the smart choice. With years of tireless research perfecting the kitchen cabinet refinishing process, we guarantee that we can handle every kitchen cabinet refacing need quickly and at a price that cannot be beaten. We also do kitchen cabinets painting to give your kitchen a new look. You can rely on our expert contractors with refinishing your cabinets so you can enjoy a totally new dream home the way you always wanted it.

Marpro Cabinets Refacing - Services

Cabinets Refinishing in Niles & Local Areas

At Marpro Cabinets Refacing, our mission is to restyle your home to a high standard while staying on an affordable budget plan. We guarantee that we will remove your cabinet doors and drawers to ensure that the previous finish is totally removed and what's more, install them again with a fresh new look. You can entrust your cabinet refinishing needs to us. Whether you’re looking to have your home kitchen cabinets refinishing or office pantry fixed, we are just one call away to serve you.

Kitchen Cabinets Painting in Niles & Local Areas

Kitchen cabinets painted in the correct way can give any kitchen a fresh high-class feel. Our team of cabinet specialists knows how to give your kitchen the essential support it requires through the use of newly painted cabinets that are tailor-made to your color scheme of choice. After we’re done, you can expect the fantastic kitchen cabinets painting finish you’ve always dreamed of.

Cabinet Refacing in Niles & Local Areas

A cabinet refacing will give you many of the same advantages of buying a new set of cabinets but without the higher cost of buying new units. The kitchen cabinet refacing is easier on your pocket than the alternative of buying new cabinets. Our furniture specialists at Marpro Cabinets Refacing are itching to do the right job with our state-of-the-art hardware giving your old cabinets a new lease on life for many years to come. Give our services a shot. Call us now to get started.

Why Choose Marpro Cabinet Refacing for Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing in Niles, IL

Free Estimate

At Marpro Cabinet Refacing, our cabinet refinishing in Niles always begins with clear communication. So you don’t have any unwanted surprises, we provide free detailed estimates.

Years of Experience

Marpro Cabinet Refacing comes to every project prepared with extensive experience in cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing in Niles. You can’t beat experience when it comes to this type of work.

Friendly Customer Service

You will experience exceptional service with a smile when you call Marpro Cabinet Refacing in Niles. Our team of kitchen cabinet refinishing professionals know that the customer is the most important.

Fast and Efficient

We realize that you don’t want to drag out a cabinet refacing project. That’s why Marpro Cabinet Refacing in Niles works very efficiently so you can enjoy your new kitchen as soon as possible.

Expert Contractors

Marpro Cabinet Refacing is led by expertise in cabinet refinishing in Niles. You can rest assured that our superior attention to detail and top-quality workmanship puts your kitchen cabinets painting and cabinet refinishing in expert hands.