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Renovations can take many forms to make your home look its best. You don’t always have to rip everything out and start over again. That’s why Marpro Cabinets Refacing is here. We provide an interior renovation option that is economical, fast and looks beautiful with a cabinet refacing.

Our experienced team of professionals can completely change the way your home looks with cabinet refinishing that will renew the most prominent feature in your place. From simply kitchen cabinets painting to a complete cabinet refacing, Marpro offers expert skills to take care of the project for the best results.

If you need a new look to your kitchen, bathroom or any room and want to do it on a budget, Marpro Cabinets Refacing in Park Ridge and surrounding areas is the perfect solution. With years spent perfecting the cabinet refinishing process, we can handle your cabinet refacing quickly and affordably. Trust our experts with refinishing your cabinets and see a whole new home just the way you imagined.

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Cabinets Refinishing in Park Ridge & Surrounding Areas

At Marpro Cabinets Refacing, we restyle your home perfectly on an affordable budget. We will remove your cabinet doors and drawers to strip away the old finish and install them again with a brand new look.

Kitchen Cabinets Painting in Park Ridge & Surrounding Areas

Kitchen cabinets painting the proper way can give your entire kitchen a new luxurious feeling. Our team knows how to give your kitchen the boost it needs with newly painted cabinets that suit your color preference.

Cabinet Refacing in Park Ridge & Surrounding Areas

A cabinet refacing is like getting brand new cabinets without the huge cost of full cabinet replacement. The experts at Marpro Cabinets Refacing can do the job right with new hardware and a fresh face for your cabinets.

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Any questions about kitchen cabinets painting? Get a quote

Feel free to ask about kitchen cabinets painting, cabinet refacing or cabinet refinishing in Park Ridge and surrounding areas. Marpro Cabinets Refacing will contact you as early as possible.

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Why Choose Marpro Cabinets Refacing & Kitchen Cabinets Painting in Park Ridge, IL

Free Estimate

At Marpro Cabinets Refacing, cabinet refinishing in Park Ridge is always done with clarity and communication. There are no surprises with our free estimates prior to doing the work.

Years of Experience

Marpro Cabinets Refacing arrives at each project with an extensive background in cabinet refacing in Park Ridge. It’s experience we have gained throughout many years of great work.

Friendly Customer Service

Experience great service with a smile when you call Marpro Cabinets Refacing in Park Ridge. Our team of cabinet refinishing experts understands that the customer matters most.

Fast and Efficient

We understand you don’t want a dragged out cabinet refacing process. So that’s why Marpro Cabinets Refacing works quickly and efficiently to give you a new kitchen look as soon as possible.

Expert Contractors

Marpro Cabinets Refacing is backed by expertise for cabinet refinishing in Park Ridge. You can trust our professional attention to detail and top-quality work for kitchen cabinets painting and cabinet refinishing.

Kitchen Cabinets Painting Park Ridge, Cabinet Refacing & Refinishing FAQ

How do cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing differ?

Cabinet refacing is the process of putting new material on top of the existing cabinet frames while kitchen cabinet refacing is replacing doors as well as drawer fronts. Kitchen cabinets refinishing is changing the color or finish of the existing materials.

Is cabinet refacing less expensive than buying new cabinets?

Yes, with cabinet refacing, we use the cabinet framework you already have, which is usually a 40% to 60% savings. Marpro Cabinets Refacing will let you know how much it will cost upfront.

Is it possible to reface your kitchen cabinets many times?

Now, the process of kitchen cabinet refacing is relatively standard, and thanks to that cabinets can be refaced again when you feel like you need something new or your design tastes change.

How long does paint usually last on kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets painting, under standard conditions, are expected to last from 8 to 15 years and during that time no fresh coat of paint is usually needed.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Contractor Park Ridge, IL

At some point, your cabinets are bound to deteriorate due to dust, dirt, moisture, and other elements. Marpro Cabinets Refacing is here to step in and provide you with the kitchen cabinets refinishing, kitchen cabinets painting, and kitchen cabinet refacing in Park Ridge. Here are some of the advantages that you can get from hiring a professional to get it done.

They have the necessary know-how

When you hire professionals, you get them equipped with exceptional skills in cabinet refinishing, cabinet refacing, and other cabinet needs in Park Ridge that you may have. The professionals will do the job for you and make sure that it is done right the first time.

They can apply the right methods and techniques

When it comes to kitchen cabinets painting in Park Ridge, the professionals know the different strokes in coating your cabinets. They also apply the standard methods and procedures to make sure that they can exceed your expectations.

They have the equipment and material

Now, the cabinet refacing or cabinet refinishing in Park Ridge wouldn’t be complete without using the right materials and tools. With just one wrong tool, it can lead to a whole new disaster. Professionals have done a lot of refinishing tools at their disposal that makes the job easier.

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