Pros and Cons of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing in Chicago

Cabinet refacing in Chicago has some distinct advantages, but also some limitations. It’s best to take a look at all these prior to starting a kitchen renovation project. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of Here are some of the great benefits, and a few downsides of cabinet refacing in Chicago:

The Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing in Chicago

  1. Maintain your existing kitchen layout: If you like the way your kitchen is put together, cabinet refacing allows you to keep it.
  2. Choice of Style: There are many veneer solutions for natural woods and laminates, so you can easily create the look you want.
  3. Cost-effective: Cabinet refacing in Chicago gives you a new look at a significantly reduced cost than creating new custom cabinets.
  4. Green remodeling: Cabinet refacing is an eco-friendlier solution as you are not sending your old cabinets to the landfill site. That will keep the hazardous chemicals often found in most cabinet boxes made from MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, like formaldehyde, out of the environment. Plus, by retaining your kitchen cabinets you can save the trees needed to create new cabinet boxes.

The Downsides of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing in Chicago

  1. Cost control: Kitchen cabinet painting, or refacing, is less expensive than purchasing new cabinet boxes, but the savings can be eliminated if you spend on hardware replacement and new hinges. So depending on what you want to do, you may end up spending just as much for refacing as you would on a new kitchen cabinet.
  2. Potential challenges: You may be able to do the work yourself but to achieve the right look for your kitchen cabinets, you may need a professional who is skilled at reworking veneers, as it can be complicated.

No storage space added: If you’re like most people, you can never have too much storage, but a cabinet refacing in Chicago will not address that concern. So if you want more storage, refacing is not the best option for you, as your box dimensions, layout, and counter space will be unaltered.     

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