What is Cabinet Refinishing Park Ridge, IL

Your kitchen may be looking drab and all just because of your outdated cabinets. Not a lot of people bother with upgrading their cabinets unless they are selling the property or the furniture is really in need of some work, but a simple work like this can quickly change the way your kitchen looks. If you are planning to get a cabinet refinishing in Park Ridge, it’s simpler than you think! 

At Marpro Cabinet Refinishing, we can do this service within the day and with zero hassles on your end. Here’s how it works and how you can benefit from our cabinet refinishing service in Park Ridge.

How Cabinet Refinishing Park Ridge, IL Works

The first step in cabinet refinishing your cabinet is thoroughly cleaning the surfaces using steel wool and mineral solvents. You’d think your cabinet is saved from all the grime and grease but lots of build-up actually sticks on the surfaces especially when they are near areas where you prepare your food or actually cook. 

The next step in cabinet refinishing would be to re-stain the cabinets and do our best to restore the original color, texture, and finish of your cabinet before all the dirt build-up that occured. The same stain will be applied on the handles, moldings, doors, and exteriors to make the cabinets look sleek and thorough.

After the stain has been absorbed into and has dried on your cabinets, the final step is applying a good layer of Varathane finish on its entirety. This will provide a good seal all over the cabinets and prolong its excellent quality.

At Marpro Cabinet Refinishing, we do it well and efficiently. We provide kitchen cabinets refinishing in Park Ridge within a one-day service, so you don’t have to wait too long. Reach out to our hotline to schedule the best day for cabinet refinishing.