2022 Color Trends For Kitchen Cabinets Painting Park Ridge, IL

The top 6 painted colors for kitchen cabinets painting Park Ridge 2022 are shown below:

  • Green – regarded as the “BIG” hue for 2022, green is both natural and organic. Warm green hues and pieces made of natural wood, like oak and walnut, delight designers.
  • Matte Gray – Darker gray hues will also be popular. This trend will be popular whether you create a white kitchen with a matte gray accent or pair your gray cabinets with a more rustic style. It seems contemporary and is really fashionable.
  • Blue – Very vivid blue hues will be used in kitchen designs as “pops” of color. This might serve as an accent hue for an island or hood or as an all-over color.
  • Red – In 2022, look for a wide range of warm, deep red tones. Red will likely make its appearance, and this is a hue that calls for attention. As a flash of color, red hues may also be employed on kitchen islands or base cabinets.
  • Charcoal Gray – Subdued hues of olive green/gray, slate gray, and dark blue/gray are also highly popular, as are muted shades of charcoal gray. These hues are frequently used as accents on islands.
  • Creamy Vanilla & Taupe – Warm neutral colors, from milk to a deep, rich taupe, are popular right now. The appearance of these stunning hues in 2021 is not surprising they are gorgeous!

If you want to modify the look of your kitchen, consider several kitchen cabinets painting Park Ridge color selections that you find appealing and have fun with them. Make your kitchen your own because you’ll be spending a lot of time there with loved ones. Your kitchen should and may be exceptional, a place that reflects your taste and the color that makes you the happiest! To arrange upcoming modifications to your interior, get in touch with our kitchen cabinets painting Park Ridge company!

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