Benefits of Cabinet Refinishing Park Ridge, IL

Kitchen cabinet refinishing in Park Ridge can take on several forms, including refreshing, refinishing, refacing, and repainting. But selecting the right method is an important step that shouldn’t be overlooked to ensure the best finish and a fit within your budget. Check out these benefits of kitchen cabinet refinishing:

1. Budget-Friendly  

Cabinet refinishing is common and relatively simple for a contractor to complete. At Marpro Cabinets Refacing in Park Ridge, we will redesign the look of your cabinets and block off your kitchen before sanding, applying primer, and painting. It’s a cost-effective way of achieving a new look in your kitchen.   

Rather than expensive cabinet replacement or full kitchen remodeling, you can achieve your home improvement plans on a limited budget with cabinet refinishing.

2. Lasts Longer Than Repainting   

Many homeowners believe cabinetry refinishing is the same as kitchen cabinet painting, but they are two distinctly different methods. Repainting does not require removing existing paint, as the contractor applies the new paint over the old finish.  

The primary difference is in the applied coating. Some coatings are not designed for use in the kitchen, while others are KCMA certified, so they are tested and ready to withstand a kitchen environment.

The contractor will prepare the cabinet surface and apply a fresh paint finish, making cabinet refinishing much more durable than simply repainting the kitchen cabinets.

3. Less Costly Than Cabinet Replacement  

Kitchen cabinet refinishing will give you a new look but it’s different from a cabinet replacement. Cabinet refacing in Park Ridge involves rebuilding them, which is more expensive than refinishing, where your cabinets will have minor damage touched up and a new finish applied.  

4. Effective and Fast  

Kitchen cabinet refinishing in Park Ridge can often take much less time than full-scale kitchen remodeling. In an average kitchen, this usually requires four to seven days. The kitchen will not be available for use during this time, so make sure you have an alternative plan in place.